Lenticular applications in different industries

You can see how lenticulars can be used no matter the clients in different industries. It is popular to have lenticular for different applications.

          Food and Drink

Lenticular is everywhere, we can find it from franchise restaurant, labels on drinks bottle, cups, even food containers, anything that you probably haven't thought before. E.g.: advertising cups
          Licensing Product

Having action, movement by using lenticular, these can make the super hero alive and more than just a character or logo.
E.g.: stickers, mouse pads, badges


nformation, theme, content now is not just can be seen from inside of the book, but also can be shown by looking at the cover with the lenticular effect.
E.g.: book cover, calendar, posters


Promotion become one of the strongest line of using lenticular
E.g.: phone straps, phone screen covers, promotion gift set, notebooks

Some of the above pictures are for demonstration and job reference only, content might not reflect the actual product as it's license/copyright is owned by our client and forbidden from copying, reproduction and distributing.


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