Different images could be seen when the card is titled or seen from different angles.
Flipping (or view changing) is not only easy to manage but also the most effective way to pass the message to your target. It is simple to put your product's image or marketing message in one frame and your company's name or logo in another.


Animation makes things alive like firework explosion or dancing skeleton. It is now being commonly used as a marketing tool to show products in motion.

Zoom in-and-out is an interesting effect to highlight the theme of picture by adjusting size of the objects from big to small, or vice versa.

Morphing is a gradual transforming of one image into another. It is usually done with similar objects; for example, transforming a man into a tiger.

Without requiring special glasses, you can see an illusion of depth on your graphic by applying the "3 Dimensional" effect. Unlike flipping, the image does not change but you can see elements on your graphics being outstanding to show depth of picture.

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