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Lenticular effects include " flipping, zooming, motion, animation, morphing & 3 dimensional". They are amazing as they could draw your customer's focus on your logo, products and marketing messages.

This marvellous concept is incorporated into products, such as card, sticker, badge, magnet, coaster, posters & mousepad, and is ideal as promotional giveaways, POP items, stationery & packaging materials.

Being the champanion of 14th Hong Kong Print Award & over 10 years' experienced lenticular printer, we offer high quality, competitive pricing & customized services that are indispensable for all lenticular projects.

We would be eager to assist you for the development from concept to finished product, and to get the maximum return from the value of lenticular printing.

Please feel free to approach us at info@knt3d.com if you have an interest in our lenticulars.

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