Artwork Requirement

          Computer softwares Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2, Freehand 9 or Maya 6 files
          Platform Either PC or Mac is acceptable
          File format Tiff, eps, ai, jpg, psd, fh, mb, gif, mpeg, mov
          Artworksize Full size ( 1:1 ) with an extra 3mm as bleeding for diecut
          Resolution (dpi) At least 300 dpi and 600 dpi is highly recommeded
          Artworksubmission By email, upload to our file server or send us disk either DVD or CD-ROM


          Sample Production 7-10 days after receipt of artworks
          Mass Production 2-3 weeks after sample approval subject to order quantity
*special arrangement can be made upon request*
          Terms of payment Sample - paid in advance
Mass production - 30% advance deposit, balance before shipment

          Hints on artworks


1. Avoid using letter with too thin the stroke, esp. those go in the same direction as lenticules.
2. Font size shall be as large as possible, say 14 points or above is better.
3. Avoid big color contrast in different views, e.g. solid black or red elements on one view but white background on the other.
4. Common background in different frames will have better result.

1. Flipping
not more than 3 flips is recommended for totally different images and special effect is suggested for 4 flips or above; up-to-down is better than left-to-right changing.

2. Special
a. animation

use the minimum number of frames to create the effect; the degree of motion shall not be too large and also the area covered by the changes shall be as small as possible.
b. zooming
the difference between the small and big size shall not be too large; Up-to-down changing is absolutely better than left to right changing; small size will have better result.
c. morphing
two different artworks could be provided but the shape and contour of the "morphing" object shall be as close as possible.

3. 3 Dimensional (3D with depth illustion)
- 3 layers is the most basic but more layers could be made if necessary
- layered files with all elements editable in layered Photoshop format is preferred
- placed images "might" be accepted but it will take longer for the manipulation.
- the overlapping regions among different elements shall be as many as possible
- avoid sold color background as it will reduce the sense of depth
- background with image or texture will facilitate your eyes to register the difference in relative position of the image elements
- as elements of the artwork are separated in layers. Avoid placing important information, e.g. company's fine logo or name, in non-focal layers as it will be less sharp.


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