Company Background

KNT 3-D Lenticular Manufacturer Limited was established in 1996 with own factory that occupies over 13,000 square meters in area. We are one of the pioneers in the field and have accumulated over 13 years of proven track records and valuable experiences, which enables us to earn the Champion in the 14th Hong Kong Print Awards in the scope of Greeting Cards and Invitation Cards printing. We are confident that we could be your reliable partners for these unique and eye-catching lenticular 3d images which are ideal for promotion, point of purchase and packaging.

          Our differences

With strong collaboration and experience of our production, design and sales teams, we are capable to provide technical and professional advices proactively to our clients in every aspects of the whole project.

Quality assurance is the key to our success and so production is under strong and strict control. It ensure products with the best QUALITY can be delivered to our clients ON TIME which is of paramount important to most promotional projects with limited time span.

We are flexible in terms of ordered quantity. We welcome both small run production for mini-scale promotional projects, and high volume orders with tight shipment schedule and limited budget


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